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The Bhumi Project


The Bhumi Project is a worldwide Hindu response to the environmental issues facing our planet. The initiative is facilitated by the OCHS in partnership with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation.





The Bhumi Project team works with Hindu organisations, communities, temples and individuals in all parts of the world. With them they have created the first ever united global Hindu voice to address environmental concerns.

Based at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, and working with the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, allows the project to a be a trusted, neutral party free of political and theological bias.


The Project aims to make traditional Hindu culture and wisdom relevant to address environmental concerns.

Hindu culture and tradition is replete with references and stories about the natural world. The planet itself is personified as Bhumi devi, with her glories praised in various Vedic texts.

As all parts of the world move towards increasing urbanisation and disconnection with nature, there is a need to reconnect ourselves with that which sustains our lives. The Bhumi Project does not want wish to teach something new, but rather re-learn what it was that we once knew, but have now forgotten.


Core Values

The Bhumi Project values respect, compassion and service for the environment. These are the pillars which guide its work and that of their partners.


The planet is worthy of our respect. Through nature we are nourished throughout our lives. The sun and rains produce food for consumption, the trees create oxygen for us to breath. Other natural elements create and maintain a natural equilibrium that sustain our lives. We are visitors to the planet for a short period of time, it is therefore our duty to be respectful of the long-standing natural eco-systems in the world and act in a way to minimise our disruption to them.


That the natural world is in a state of distress should be a cause for concern to all world citizens. As Hindus, compassion is a central tenet of our daily lives. This sense of compassion should extend beyond our direct lives into the wider world. By developing a sense of concern and compassion towards the ecological problems facing the planet, our practice of dharma will be more wholesome.


A manifestation of Hindu life is seva, or service. This may be to God, our family or community. Service should also extend to the betterment of our natural world. By serving the planet in this way, we can help ensure a healthy environment for both current and future generations.

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