Building funds

The OCHS Development Planning Committee work to raise funds for a new and permanent home in Oxford.





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Shaunaka Rishi Das 

OCHS Director

A Word from The OCHS Development Planning Committee

We live in a world where a meaningful, respectful, and tolerant perspective of all branches of Hinduism is required and it is with this in mind that the OCHS Development Planning Committee is proud to announce a new chapter for the Centre. Our growth and success will be reflected in the ‘OCHS Strategic Plan’ (currently in draft) so that the research, study, and Community activities undertaken at our current premises can continue to grow.  We have, for some time, had the need to expand our physical space and, therefore, are proud to announce that, by the Autumn of 2027, the OCHS will make its move to a permanent, Oxford home commensurate with its expansive, inclusive outlook. This plan will encompass a Capital Campaign, an expansion of our revenue streams, wider scholarship provision, and several endowment campaigns, all in support of our long-term vision. 

Our shared vision has emerged through our strategic planning process, designed in such a way that current as well as future OCHS faculty members will be able to define the steps required to turn our vision into a practical, achievable, and sustainable reality.  This year has already seen an increased drive in our endowment campaigns and, as several of our Research Fellowships move towards ‘full endowment’ status, the OCHS will continue to secure year-on-year support for these key posts. 

With core elements of the OCHS activities firmly in place, an expansion into our wider vision can begin in earnest. We know that, without these foundations, we will not possess the structural security to grow. That is why the next five years are pivotal for the OCHS. This is a time to look forward to an increase in the frequency of conferences and seminars as well as to build our publication output.  Interactive fora will provide a crucial platform for ‘Research Conversations’ to take place within a world-wide context, thus building on the momentum we have forged in progressing the study and research of Hinduism. The new seat of the OCHS will support a research hub for a critical mass of scholars, offer four permanently endowed research fellows a place from where they might lead publications, run research, deliver lectures, and offer supervision.  We see an increase in visiting fellowships (from between six to nine per year) to twelve per year, meaning that further contributions connected to research will be added to the life of the Centre (The Shivdasani Fellowship alone, for example, has brought nearly 50 scholars to Oxford, leading to publications, conferences, and research projects).  With this increase in research activities, the frequency of conferences and seminars can continue to grow.  In turn, this will raise the number of public engagements and community events the Centre will be able to provide and thus, help to support our deeper engagement with Indian and US Hindu communities and institutions. We see a sustainable and prosperous future in our continuation of world-class research and a sharing of our work with a global community. We are excited to share more about our strategic plan just as soon as the finer details have been approved and we are ready for publication: stay tuned!

October 2020