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Shreya Lakhani

Shreya is pursuing a BA in Sanskrit.

Monica Desai

Monica is studying for an MPhil in General linguistics and Comparative Philology. She is particularly interested in Vedic linguistics, especially relating to the Ṛgveda.

Rhianna Reechaye

Rhianna is studying Theology and Religion, specifically Hinduism and the nature of religion.

Ushaben Reifsnider

Ushaben is studying for a D.Phil through Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Molly Ann Moore

Molly is studying for a BA in Theology and Religion

Finlay Stroud

Finlay is studying philosophy, theology, and religious studies.

Samuel Horsley

Samuel is pursuing a BA in Theology. His concentration is yoga, tantra, Buddhism, and animal ethics.

Aadya Shukla

Aady is studying Computer Science.

Tilak Parekh

Tilak is currently doing a BA in Theology and Religion. He has interests in Hindu and Christian theology.

Hope Edwards

Hope is studying Religion.