Friends Groups

We are very fortunate to have dedicated and supportive friends groups who engage in activities at the centre and help out in many different ways. We currently have three friends groups, these are Friends of OCHS Birmingham, Friends of OCHS Leicester, and Friends of the OCHS USA. If you are further interested in the activities of our friends groups you can find more information on this page or have a look in our annual reports, where you will find a section dedicated to our friends. 

Friends of OCHS Birmingham

Jyoti Patel
Raj Patel
Yogesh Patel
Subrata Roy
Meena Sodha
Nitin Sodha

Friends of OCHS Leicester

Alkaji Agarwal 
Dr Virendra Agarwal
Raj Chauhan 
Ramila Chauhan 
Dr Ranjit Johri
Sumanji Johri
Bina Modi
Prafullaben Raja 
Deepak Samani
Manishbhai Thakrar 
Shobhaben Trivedi

Friends of OCHS USA

Mr Robert Cohen
Shaunaka Rishi Das
Dr S. Bhattacharya-Ford
Mr Todd Wahlstrom