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The OCHS is an institution of which we can all be proud. We should each take every opportunity to make it permanent.

Lord Navnit Dholakia,
Chairman, OCHS Board of Governors

Oxford institutions such as the OCHS think in terms of centuries. The OCHS is training a generation of young students to develop a credible and authoritative voice for their traditions; but more than that, the OCHS aims to give the same opportunity for future generations to represent Indian thought and culture in times and circumstances we can’t begin to imagine.

The OCHS is already the world’s leading institution for the study, research, and dissemination of Hindu Studies. It is the only centre in the world with a strategic, balanced approach to the scholarly study of Hindu traditions and cultures. It is a model of Hindu Studies for the 21st century, a centre of excellence for the culture and thought that will inform so much of the world’s future development.

Now is our chance to make this permanent.