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Centre offers adult education programmes in London

Professor M. Narasimhachary, OCHS
Professor M. Narasimhachary

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, in response to requests from members of the Hindu community, offered an Introductory Hindu Studies course this year in London. The course was an experiment to test the interest in an adult education venture and to explore methods of teaching such a vast subject area. Mr. Harish IK Patel generously sponsored the lecture series.

Professor M. Narasimhachary and D.Phil student Ravi Gupta led a series of eight lectures by approaching the study of Hindu communities through culture, identities, politics, philosophies, ethics, traditions, spiritualities, and worship. The course presented students with the perspective of practicing Hindus in the UK and encouraged them to both develop a correct picture of Hinduism and to reflect on the relevance of Hinduism in the modern world and in their own lives through intra-religious and inter-religious dialogue.