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A day of leadership

Participants with Shaunaka, OCHS
Participants with Shaunaka Rishi Das

In partnership with the City Of London Friends group, we held a one-day course at the OCHS on 7 August. The course, ‘A Day of Leadership from Indian Sources’ addresses the needs of city professionals in understanding Hindu culture and identity.

India’s rise in global economic and political importance is paralleled by a rising interest in Indian civilisation and what makes India tick. Effectively dealing with Hindu businessmen and clients in wealth creation, negotiation, competition, or partnership requires a good understanding of their culture, identity, and the thought behind their assumptions.
Sessions included: Philosophies Behind Hindu Leadership; Strategic Thought and Practice; Measuring Gain and Success; and Hindu Work Culture.
The course was over-subscribed and enthusiastically received by an audience of young City professionals. It has left us with a plan to further develop this field which helps fulfil one of the OCHS’s key priorities – building bridges between academia and society.
We thank our City Friends of the OCHS for making it happen.