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Leicester friends launch fundraiser

Nick Sutton at the 'Cup of Coffee' campaign
Nick Sutton at the 'Cup of Coffee' campaign

The Friends of the OCHS (FOCHS) Leicester launched a new fund-raising campaign for the OCHS at their third event - a lecture by Dr Nick Sutton of the OCHS Continuing Education Department on Divinity in Hindu Culture.

The Leicester FOCHS was formed  by a group of CED alumni who wanted to see the work of the OCHS continue and thrive. This enables the OCHS to contribute back to the Hindu Communites who have so generously supported it.
More than seventy people attended the event which saw the launch of our annual fund campaign. The 'Cup of Coffee' campaign. This simple campaign is focused on attracting small donations of £5–10 (just the price of a few cups of coffee) per month by standing order to provide steady cash flow. The brochure can be downloaded at
For a short time, those who sign up for the campaign are eligible to enroll free in one of the OCHS CED courses (classroom based or online).
Next month Professor Werner Menski will give a lecture on Hindu law in Britain.