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Lord Dholakia launches OCHS Friends programme

Lord Dholakia of the OCHS Patrons Council
Lord Dholakia of the OCHS Patrons Council

This year the Centre launched its 'Friends ' programme. It is an invitation, by Lord Dholakia of our Patrons Council, for the public to join our 'Friends of the OCHS' campaign. The Centre has achieved great academic success. But to ensure that the OCHS achieves its full potential we need the generous support of private and corporate sponsorship.

This is a great opportunity for those who are passionate about the education of young people, and the preservation and promotion of the culture. Together we can help define and develop the subject of Hindu Studies.
We can inspire and enthuse young scholars to become the thinkers, spokespersons and planners for future generations of Hindus in this country. Our work opens up dialogues for greater understanding and respectful relationships.