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OCHS friends take to the hills

Harish I. K. Patel, OCHS
Harish I. K. Patel

OCHS Friends Harish and Gita Patel, Raam Chauhan, and Aarti Hansrani, all took to the hills. Harish and Gita to the Andes; Aarti and Raam to Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. All in support of the OCHS.

On 26 June, Aarti Hansrani and Raam Chauhan, two of our young Friends of the OCHS from Leicester, undertook the Three Peaks Challenge. This means that in just 24 hours they climbed the three highest mountains in the UK – Ben Nevis (in Scotland, 1344m), Scafell Pike (in England, 978m), and Snowdon (in Wales, 1085m). Together they raised over £1200 in sponsorship for the OCHS. It is a great boost for us to see these young people become actively committed to the OCHS, a touch of hope for the future. They were later seen at our Board of Governor’s Dinner, just two days later, refreshed and ready for more challenges.
OCHS Board of Governors member, Harish I. K. Patel, and his good wife Gitaben took off to South America and went for a walk in the Andes, on the Inca Trail – as you do. They very thoughtfully asked their friends to sponsor their walk before they left. And bless their friends for sponsoring so generously, to the tune of £18,500! Harish and Gitaben are so productive and responsible that even when they fled the stress of life in London, they relieved the stress in Oxford. We are indebted to Harish and Gitaben for their kindness, generosity, and commitment to the Centre over the last ten years.