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OCHS unveils its online lecture library: MP3 lectures and podcasts

The OCHS has officially unveiled its unique Online Library of over 100 MP3 recordings of lectures and seminars. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection now has free access to the best of Oxford's teaching about Hindu Culture.

From Female Yoginis to Christian Ashrams, from Hindu Psychology to the history of NRIs, you can find a topic that whets your appetite.
The OCHS is committed to the idea that academic insights are meant for everyone.
These open and often challenging discussions are offered by the OCHS as reference material for scholars, students, and anyone else with an interest in the heritage of Hindu culture. The Online Lecture Library is another step in the effort to develop the field of Hindu Studies by sharing the insights of leading professionals in the field who have visited OCHS over the years.
Stretching from 2003 to the present and growing with each new term, the library ranges from introductory surveys of major Hindu themes, texts and traditions; single lectures on topics like Women in the Mahabharata or Poetry in the Vedas; discussions with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Scholars, and seminars on Hindi Cinema. Listen to Sir Mark Tully talk about the importance of India's 'Middle Way' approach to cultural tolerance or hear a whole lecture given in Sanskrit.


To broaden the audience further the OCHS has introduced podcasts as an even easier way to receive audio files. Simply subscribe using a programme such as Juicer, iPodderX, Odeo, or iTunes, and new podcasts are delivered directly to your computer.
To start off our new podcasts, we are delivering our "Introduction to Hinduism" series to the public in a programme of sixteen lectures by Prof. Gavin Flood. These provide an excellent introduction to the many facets of Hinduism for any audience.
Podcasts can be subscribed to through iTunes or from the homepage of our website,