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OCHS website re-vamped and re-launched

Patrick Tusler

The OCHS web-team led by professional web-designer, Mr Patrick Tusler, has just completed the relaunch of our site - Patrick, a longstanding Friend of the Centre, has been involved in the development of the site since its earliest days. His stated goal is 'to make an even more welcoming site to our thousands of dedicated visitors, and to show new visitors the wide range of facilities that we offer.'

 Patrick and the team have recoded the entire site giving it a cleaner interface and have improved the navigation. They have also added an entirely new sub-site for our Friends and Benefactors. This Friends and Benefactors site allows our supporters to find supporting materials that enable them to advocate the work of the Centre to their friends and colleagues. It also adds to the transparency of the OCHS by allowing visitors access to documents such as our Board of Governors Reports.
The website has become a useful resource on Hinduism to more than 25,000 monthly visitors. It has information on the range of academic programmes at the Centre and around the country as well as OCHS lectures and seminars as free downloadable MP3 files and podcasts. These audio files have proved the most popular resource on the site with more than 100 lectures available for download and 15,000 subscribers to the weekly lecture podcast. Currently, only half our recorded lectures are available but the web team is working at editing and categorising the rest for easy access.
All this work is underpinned by another web-team member, Mr Dave Smith of Washington DC, who provides the server space on which the site resides and also brings much technical know-how to the project.
Patrick, Dave, and the rest of the team give generously of their time, knowledge, and experience. These voluntary activities add greatly to the value of the OCHS and are in keeping with the Hindu tradition of seva - service to the community.