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Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies annual dinner continues to delight

Board of Governors Dinner
Board of Governors Dinner

Scholars, students, and community leaders from across the country came together last Thursday for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS) 7th annual Board of Governors dinner. The event, which took place at Oxford Town Hall, was an occasion for friends and well-wishers to learn and reflect upon the diverse and rewarding activities of the OCHS over the past year.

Sharmila Ford, Jayesh Popat, Alfred Ford, Kabir Kumar & Nadeem Ahmad
Guests at this year's dinner included Alfred Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford, Veena Bhal, U.K. Government's Ethnic Health Advisor, and Richard Cross, Chairman of the Faculty Board of Theology. Professor Keith Ward stressed the integral role of Hindu Studies in modern self-awareness, and Jessica Frazier, one of the Centre's Research Fellows, reflected on the range, depth and enormous success of the Centre's research into Hindu traditions throughout history and the international diaspora, in 2004-2005.
The dinner has become a very prestigious event, drawing together people from diverse backgrounds committed to exploring the rich history and present of Hindu Culture. Students from Oxford University and the OCHS Continuing Education Departments in Birmingham, Leicester and London thanked scholars for their inspiring, devoted teaching of Hindu Culture. The Centre's academic programmes, book series, research projects and links with universities worldwide are bringing Hindu Studies to an ever-increasing international community.
Alfred Ford, an enthusiastic supporter of the OCHS said: "I sincerely believe that by fostering a deeper understanding of Indian Consciousness, we will do better in politics and economics, and improve our societies throughout the world."