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Prof. Gavin Flood re-appointed as Academic Director

Professor Gavin Flood OCHS
Prof. Gavin Flood

The Academic Appointments Committee is pleased to have secured the services of Prof. Gavin Flood as Academic Director for a further five years.

Now that Prof. Flood's position as Academic Director has been secured it becomes possible to develop a number of new teaching directions. Along with Hinduism I and II, Prof. Flood intends to offer more courses within his areas of specialisation and in broader fields.
From next year Prof. Flood will be the director of the M.St. in the Study of Religions and this will continue to attract students interested in studying Hinduism to our programmes. He has also been involved with developing a proposed joint honours programme in Theology and Oriental Studies.
In his speech to the Board of Governors, Prof. Flood shared his vision of the development of the OCHS: 'The OCHS provides a resource based on the academic study of Hinduism for a broad public. We intend to develop OCHS as a source of intelligent commentary on current questions, within an ethos of critical, creative, and engaged dialogue. The OCHS can be a resource for scholars from Hindu communities to critically examine and engage with their own tradition. We will continue to encourage students to participate in dialogue in the public sphere. OCHS will provide resources for the study of issues including law, governance, diaspora studies, and the environment, and act as a resource of information for public bodies.'