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OCHS Online Scholarship Campaign

Amitabh BachchanI think the OCHS is a very exciting development for the future of Indian culture. It is certainly helping the world reflect on Indian identity and perspectives. Any successful initiative is a team effort, so we should all get behind this centre giving it every support we can.”
Amitabh Bachchan
OCHS Patrons Council

The OCHS Online Scholarship Campaign aims to kickstart a culture of education among young people in Hindu communities. To do this, we seek benefactors who encourage good thinking.

Our initial campaign goal is of 2500 scholarships for Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies online courses.

Invest in the future with a block of 100 scholarships at £100 each – a suggested benefaction of £10,000. However, all levels of sponsorship are welcomed.

These valuable gifts can be named in your honour or the name of a business, foundation, or family member. 

The scholarships can be gifted to recipients of your choice or to deserving students identified by the OCHS Online Scholarship team and partnering institutions. Courses are suitable for students aged 15 or higher.

We will offer recipients the option to sponsor further scholarships – increasing the value of your gift.


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