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Guzin A. Yener


Güzin is from Istanbul where she obtained her BA in Psychology and Comparative Literature and an MA in Cultural Studies (thesis on the construction of the self in Tibetan Buddhist and Western psychological traditions). Working as a psychotherapist in Turkey and reading for a second MA degree in Forensic Sciences and Psychology she continued training in different psychotherapy techniques and has worked as a psychotherapist and mental healthcare expert in Turkey, India, and Egypt, collaborating with government and NGO projects.

Living in India for nearly a decade Güzin became interested in experiential aspects of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist yogic traditions and their philosophical and ritual practices. After attending a Tibetan Translator Training programme in Dharamsala, Güzin collaborated in translation projects with Dr. Alexander Berzin, becoming a translator for the Turkish section of his online Buddhist archives. While in Dharamsala she also concentrated on studying Tibetan Buddhist meditation and ritual. In 2014-2015 Güzin pursued an MSt degree in Oriental Studies (Tibetan Studies) at the University of Oxford, focusing on the early historical roots of the Tibetan State Oracle tradition and its protector deity Pehar. She is currently reading for her DPhil in Tibetan Buddhism (Theology and Religion) at Wolfson College, concentrating on the ritual practices of the Tantric female deities Lotus Dakini and Kurukulle associated with magic and magnetising.

Güzin leads a weekly university-wide session in the methods of Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhist meditation at Wolfson College

Wolfson College