Friends and Funds

Dear Friends,

The OCHS was founded in 1997 as the world’s first academy of its kind for the study of Hindu culture. Since its inception, the Centre has attracted world-class scholars and students, launched pioneering educational projects, and opened up the field of Hindu Studies for a wider audience.

Our strategic planning is based on the understanding that we live in a world where a meaningful, respectful, and tolerant perspective of all branches of Hinduism is required.

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies already incorporates a wide range of academic and non-academic activities, thanks to the involvement of our eminent scholars, University and online students, and those in the Community who wish to know more about their own culture.

We recognise that we have a crucial role to play in building tolerance, understanding, in offering world-class education, and in developing the next generation of Hindu Scholars, leaders, and stewards.

Ready to take essential action to protect, preserve, and promote this field of study with a sense of inclusivity, we look to expand beyond our current standing so that we might create a secure future for the OCHS.  

We know we must instigate a groundswell of engagement, build upon the foundations set over the past twenty-seven years, and set out a strategic plan for the next five. We do so to position the OCHS for greater scale and influence, to articulate and operationalise its aspirations, and to offer the very best in the study of Hinduism the world has yet seen. 

The OCHS Development and Planning Committee, 2022