Nehru Centre Partnership

The OCHS and the Nehru Centre are natural partners in promoting Indian thought in their respective fields. This partnership was consolidated with a series of OCHS talks at the Nehru Centre.

The OCHS talks at the Nehru Centre included three from Dr Nicholas Sutton: How to Understand the Bhagavad-gita; Indian Insights on the World’s Oldest Questions; and Vedantists, Buddhists and Jains. Anuradha Dooney spoke on Women in Hinduism; Dr Rembert Lutjeharms on Interpretation of Hindu Sacred Texts; and Shaunaka Rishi Das on Paradigms of Indian Thought in the Modern World. 

One regular attendee, Mr Manu Duggal says, ‘I am a supporter of the OCHS and try to attend all their talks at the Nehru centre. Although born into a Hindu family, I am non-practising. I enjoy the comparative approach to theological discourse taken by the OCHS speakers. The speakers I have heard have brought the subject alive by showing the depth and diversity of the Hindu tradition.’

Discussions continue on how the Nehru Centre can work with the OCHS to promote Hindu studies at Oxford. This has included Nehru Centre sponsorship of the 2011 Sakta conference and an undertaking to source books from India for the OCHS Library.

A new series of OCHS talks at the Nehru Centre is scheduled to begin in August.