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Thank you for all the opportunities to increase my exposure and broaden my horizons. Thank you for the bursaries and scholarships. The centre provided me access to so many wonderful books and smiling, intelligent, and helpful people. It can be overlooked in comparison to the other aspects, but the centre simply also serves as nice space to study and even warm my food in the microwave.

Tilak Parekh
Oxford University Alumnus
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Working with Gavin Flood gave me a stupendously large perspective on Indian traditions and world philosophy, for he relentlessly allowed me - as his doctorate student - to bloom my full creativity and research the very themes I was interested in.

Dr Ionut Moise
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Exeter
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As a visiting student, my time at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies has been unique. The OCHS not only guided and supported me in my studies, it helped me find my place in academia.
In Denmark we have a word, ‘dannelse’, similar to the German word ‘bildung’: a personal education where you learn character and personality as much as you learn your subject. This is exactly what I find so special about the OCHS – that they focus on the individual dannelse of the person and that they are able to secure that through a highly professional and competent centre.

Jesper Moeslund
MA student in Religious Studies, Aarhus University
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Prof Richard Gombrich and Lisette Hededal

Teaching Hindu Studies and Indian Languages is at the centre of the OCHS. Our scholars teach a vide selection of courses for the Faculty of Theology and Religion at Oxford University such as Hinduism I and II, Sanskrit and Further Studies papers, as well as Indian Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University.  

Our scholars also supervise DPhil students from Oxford University as well as other Universities in the UK and aboard. 

We regularly host lectures, seminars and conferences which are open for interested students to participate in. For a list of upcoming lectures and event see here.