OCHS Publications – The Truth Within

What is truth? How does it relate to our understanding of the inner self? What role does religion play in this intersection between the two? Professor Gavin Flood, Academic Director of OCHS, explores these questions in his book The Truth Within: A History of Inwardness in Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  

Part I focuses on the history and texts pertaining to inwardness, and the role of religion in shaping one’s inner reality. In Part II, he analyses the theory and phenomenology of inwardness, and engages in a comparison of three world religions. Integral to the volume is the idea of an inner self, an interiority unique to the individual. 

Comparing three religions, Flood discusses the various ways in which religion helps in developing this inner awareness, such as prayer, or meditation. He also contrasts the theistic approach with the non-theistic, and highlights the ways in which some traditions (including Christianity and certain forms of Hinduism) relate the truth of the inner self to that of God, or the universe. By answering age-old questions of truth and self-identity, Professor Flood offers valuable insight into the connection between God, reality, and inwardness, while at the same time providing an excellent comparison of three major religions.

The Truth Within is available in both hardcopy and e-book formats at Amazon