OCHS Board Member, Pramod Thakkar, Resigns

Mr. Pramod Thakkar will be retiring from the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Board of Governors. Mr. Thakkar has been on the Board since June 2007, during which time he has provided a wealth of expertise and advice to the Centre.

Mr. Thakkar was instrumental in establishing a relationship between the OCHS and the Jalaram Mandir of Leicester. From sponsorship of OCHS programmes at the temple, and educational activities held on temple premises, the partnership naturally contributed to the development of a Friends of the OCHS organisation in Leicester. This group continues to be active and supportive of all OCHS endeavours.

Mr. Thakkar, a businessman by profession and gentleman by nature, has offered sound business advice to the Centre over the years, and opened many doors, connecting to the OCHS to a variety of people. Shaunaka Rishi Das, Director of the OCHS, had the following words to share about him: “It has been a great joy to work with Pramod. His kindness and common sense added greatly to deliberations on our Board. He always humbly but effectively worked in the background. We have been greatly enriched by having him with us all these years.”

While the OCHS is sad to see Mr. Thakkar leave the Board of Governors, we look forward to continuing to work with him in years to come.