Friends Event: Hindu Attitudes to Wealth

Birmingham Friends Event
Saturday, 31 May 2014 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Shree Ram Mandir
8 Walford Road
Birmingham, B11 1NR

A talk by Anuradha Dooney of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Despite global recession India edges closer to being one of our wealthiest nations, yet the face of poverty also continues to portray India to the world. In a country of economic and social contradictions it is easy to play one off against the other. But wealth and India are not new bedfellows, either materially or spiritually. In this talk Anuradha Dooney asks if wealth is generated by hard work or by destiny? How can debt be a blessing and not a curse? Who decides what is valuable? and which corporation is the best to worship?

Friends of the OCHS – Birmingham