Gita Study Group

In relation to Oxford’s Hindu Chaplaincy, the OCHS has weekly Bhagavad Gita study sessions during the term for students. During these sessions, the study group discuss the Gita’s importance on the basis of a chaplaincy and/or life practice point of view.
The Bhagavad Gita appears as the sixth book of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata – just prior to the eighteen-day battle of Kurukshetra. The hopes of the Pandava faction rest largely on the martial prowess of Arjuna. But, at the start of the Gita, we find Arjuna unwilling to wage war against his own family members. At this point, Krishna begins to offer instructions to Arjuna. Initially, Krishna aims to persuade Arjuna that waging war is not necessarily wrong. However, the text goes far beyond this initial aim. It develops into a full exposition of belief and practice that has had an immeasurable influence on Hindu thought and practice.
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