Day School in Oxford on 4 June

How do We Know What We Know?

Transmitting Knowledge in Hinduism

We may know a lot. But how do we verify these things? Can we trust what our eyes see? Can we reason our way to the truth? Or do we have to learn from authority? While different Hindu traditions may understand the world differently, they often share an understanding of how they got to that knowledge. This day school examines the science of knowledge and knowledge acquisition as developed in India.

When: 4 June 2023
Time: 10.00am – 5.30pm
: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

How much: Enrolment Fee £245

The Idea of Revelation
Tutor: Prof. Gavin Flood

The Six Pramāṇas:
Tutor: Dr Jessica Frazier

The Guru and the Transmission of Knowledge in Devotional Vedānta
Tutor: Dr Rembert Lutjeharms

Applying Knowledge in a Śāstric Universe
Tutor: Dr Kenneth Valpey