Asceticism, Sadhus, and Yoga:
Hindu Asceticism and its embodied practices

It’s always exciting to launch a new course and our newest is really something to get excited about!

Dr Daniela Bevilacqua has brought her considerable expertise to the creation of our latest offering: Asceticism, Sādhus, and Yoga: Hindu Asceticism and its Embodied Practices

Dr Bevilacqua brings us on a journey from the traditional to the modern practices of asceticism that have been a key part of of yoga practices for centuries.

What does asceticism have to do with contemporary practices
such as tapas, Haṭha-yoga, and yoga sādhanā?

How have these developed over the ages?

What are the most important ascetic groups and what do they practice?

Asceticism is a topic that is widely misunderstood and yet it remains a vital practice. This course makes it accessible. 

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