Dharmaśāstra and Hindu Law with Prof. Patrick Olivellev

26 May–23 June 2024

You may recall last year we held a very successful masterclass with Prof. Gavin Flood on Tantra. The combination of a hugely important and popular topic with a globally-leading scholar proved irresistible!

So after long and careful planning, we are delighted to offer this year’s Masterclass: Dharmaśāstra and Hindu Law presented by Prof. Patrick Olivelle. See below for more information on Prof. Olivelle’s many qualifications.

In this series, we will ask:

Was there a dharma before the Dharmaśāstras?
What is law?
How do we resolve disputes?
How do we live a good life?
How do we sustain order?

Each Masterclass is followed by a Q&A in which we discuss:

History of dharma and Dharmaśāstra,
How traditional scholars of India have understood dharma over the past millenia,
What happens when the Dharmaśāstra hits the ground? How is it applied in different ages and scenarios?
How society is affected by Dharmaśāstra and how societies are formed around Dharmaśāstra.

You will receive:

Five live Zoom sessions including time for Q&A
Recordings of sessions
Completion Certificate (if completing optional essay) or Participation Certificate
Access to student forum
Specially selected readings

If you’d like to learn more about this special not-to-be-repeated Masterclass, click here or drop me a line.

Your Tutor

Patrick Olivelle is Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Religions at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

His current research focuses on the ancient Indian legal tradition of Dharmaśāstra. He has edited and translated the four early Dharmasūtras and prepared a critical edition of the Law Code of Manu (Mānava Dharmaśāstra).

Among his many other works is an award-winning translation of the early Upaniṣads. Prof. Olivelle has won several prestigious fellowships, including Guggenheim, NEH, and ACLS. He was elected Vice President of the American Oriental Society in 2004 and President in 2005.