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Chirayu Thakkar

Chirayu is doing his MSc in Modern South Asian Studies at Oxford.  He did his Bachelors at the University of Chester in Hinduism

Abishek Sankaranarayan

Abishek is pursuing a masters degree In Environment, studing water, science policy and management.

Harshavardhan Raghunandan

Harshavardhan is studying theology and the history of South Asia.

Yash Saraf

Yash is a visiting student from Stanford. He is studying Hinduism and Literature.

Anwesha Sengupta

Anwesha is studying for an M.Phil. in Modern South Asian Studies. Her focus is on the history of India, Persian, Brajbhasha, and Bengali.

Kalpesh Bhatt

Kalpesh is a visiting student. he is studying Hindu theology, anthropology, and South Asian religious traditions.

Vipul Arora

Vipul is pursuing a PostDoc in Speech Recognition.

Nikhil Pandhi

Nikhil is studying for an M.Phil. in archaeology wiht a focus on South Asian Studies.

Aniket De

Aniket is a visiting student from Tufts.