Who can speak for Hindus?

After they graduate our students become teachers, leaders, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, managers, and public intellectuals. They go out into the world and make real life changes. With their academic grounding in Hindu Studies they serve communities and become modern day preservers of the traditions. 

Below you can read stories about some of our Alumni who made a change!

A strong voice

The girl who talked for hindu crematorium.


Meet a DPhil Student

High-quality scholarly research on the tradition has the potential, I feel, to deepen our appreciation of the tradition and its heritage, which importantly includes its intellectual history.

In doing so, it gives us a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances around certain topics, which in turn can give us an understanding and appreciation of the diversity within the Caitanya Vaiṣṇava tradition. 

That broader understanding helps diffuse polemics and conflict in a way that the theological disputation within the tradition simply can’t.

Simon Haas
DPhil Student, University of Oxford