Hindu-Christian Dialogue in a Religiously Plural World

Hindu-Christian Dialogue in a Religiously Plural World

Project Director

Melanie Barbato, University of Münster

Project Outline

Interreligious dialogue is increasingly recognised as an important activity of public discourse and global governance. This project seeks to analyse how Hindu-Christian dialogue negotiates the plurality of interests and tasks between theological dialogue and public diplomacy. The project examines the historical, theological and political elements that Hindu-Christian dialogue draws on for developing a common language of interreligious interaction, reflection and activism. Particular attention is given to the plurality of dialogues and actors, the impact of organisational structures, and the interaction between different levels. The dialogue between Hindus and Christians offers substantial material for study because these traditions are historically intertwined, but also very different from each other, so that suitable structures and a common language have to be actively sought.

The project seeks to connect various smaller and fixed-term research projects that have their focus on Hindu-Christian dialogue. The current main project is Dialogue and Diplomacy: A Study of the Vatican’s and World Council of Churches’ Involvement in Hindu-Christian Relations

From this project, Hindu-Christian Dialogue in a Religiously Plural World is envisaged to grow into a research group that brings together academics with a shared interest in Hindu-Christian dialogue. The output may include workshops, books, pedagogical applications for university classrooms and continuing education, and reports for practitioners. As a next step, the research team may widen its focus to include the dialogue by Hindu actors with religions other than Christianity.

For inquiries regarding possible involvement in the Hindu-Christian Dialogue in a Religiously Plural World Project, please write to Melanie Barbato (mbarbato@uni-muenster.de).