J.P. and Beena Khaitan Fellowship

We are very thankful for the kind donation of the J.P. and Beena Khaitan Fellowship. The fellowship has been an important contribution to the field of Hindu Studies and a substantial start to scholars who are opening up the field to the world. The J.P. and Beena Khaitan Fellows have produced an impressive outcome of books, lectures, seminars, etc. impacting the field and continuing to inspire young scholars.

The Fellowship was established in 2016 by a generous benefaction from Mr Ajay and Mrs Mandira Khaitan, in memory of Mr Khaitan’s late parents.

Since then ten Fellowships have been awarded to scholars doing research within the field of Hindu Studies. The visiting fellows contribute with lectures and tutorials at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, and also contribute to the academic environment at the Centre and the University of Oxford.


The J.P. and Beena Khaitan Fellows are:


Prof. Alexis Sanderson
Hilary Term 2022
University of Oxford


Prof. Tony Stewart
Trinity Term 2022
Vanderbilt University


Prof. Harunaga Isaacson
Hilary Term 2020
Hamburg University

Dr Silje Lyngar Einarsen
Michaelmas Term 2019
Metropolitan University

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Prof. Brian A. Hatcher
Trinity Term 2019
Tufts University


Zöe Slatoff
Hilary Term 2019
OCHS Continuing Education Department


Prof. Himanshu Prabha Ray
Michaelmas Term 2018
Jawaharlal Nehru University


Prof. Daniel Ehnbom
Trinity Term 2018
University of Virginia

Dr Santanu Dey

Prof. Santanu Dey
Hilary Term 2018
Calcutta University


Dr Silvia Schwarz Linder
Michaelmas Term 2017
University of Leipzig

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Prof. Måns Broo
Trinity Term 2017
Åbo Akademi


Prof. Tony Stewart
Michaelmas Term 2016,
Hilary Term 2017, Trinity Term 2017
Vanderbilt University

Skærmbillede 2020-08-25 kl. 22.06.26

Dr Jessica Frazier
Hilary Term 2016
OCHS and University of Oxford