Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson is a graduate student reading for the MSt in Study of Religions at the University of Oxford. Her dissertation analyzes ethnographic accounts of female Nepali householder purity and pollution rituals. She explores how the function of power on the active process of gendered embodiment impacts the ways in which the ever-performing body is perceived, spatially consumed, constructed, (de)sexualized, experienced, and used as a primary tool in womens’ social placement and experiences. She further investigates how ritual pollution functions in relation to human rights policy.

Laura completed her Undergraduate Degree in Religious Studies at Queens’ University (Canada). She is a member of the St. Antony’s International Review Editorial Board, the Masters Cohort Representative on the Theology and Religion Graduate Joint Consultative Committee at Oxford, and was a research assistant in the Department of Religion at her Alma Mater, Queens University. 

Laura is passionate about community activism and equity work. 

She has given a Tedx talk discussing the over-sexualization of womens’ bodies and the power of youth voices in feminism, which inspired changes in school dress code policy across Ontario, Canada. She was the Equity Commissioner at the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society of Queens University, founded a grassroot feminist collective entitled My Body My Business, and served as a curator at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, organizing a multidisciplinary exhibit showcasing art pieces that highlight the experiences of marginalized students.