God, Being and Beyond: Outlines of a Comparative Theology

Location: Lecture Room 1, Oriental Institute
Speaker: Professor C. Ram-Prasad
Date: February 27, 2012
Time: 17:00 to 18:00

While the differences between Sankara’s and Ramanuja’s systems as found in their respective commentaries on the Brahmasutras are relatively well-known, much commented on and highly influential in the living traditions, there has been surprisingly little attention paid to a comparative understanding of their Bhagavad Gita commentaries. Yet, in those works, they offer interpretations particular to the nature and structure of the Gita that do not map directly onto their other standard works. Using an interpretive vocabulary that engages with currents in postmodern Christian theology, I offer readings of each of their treatments of the relationship between the self-declared nature of the divine person, Krsna and his diverse mentions of the mysterious brahman. I suggest that strikingly original views of theology and its connections to metaphysics are found in these great commentaries – views that can contribute to the actual content (and not just the metatheory) of comparative theology.