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The OCHS Library currently holds approximately 20,000 titles, mostly in the fields of Hindu intellectual history (with an emphasis on Vedanta, Nyaya, and Mimamsa), Puranas, Sanskrit poetry, and comparative theology.

The library catalogue is online.


The J. A. F. Roodbergen Collection

In January 2011 Prof. J. A. F. Roodbergen, Professor Emeritus of the University of Amsterdam, donated his entire private library to the OCHS.The library holds approximately 10,000 books, mainly in Sanskrit,English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish, on topics including Sanskrit grammar and comparative linguistics, Hindu theology and philosophy, Sanskrit and Prakrit poetry and poetics, Central Asian cultures and languages, as well as comparative studies of Eastern and Western logic, poetics, and philosophy.

While most of the works in his library directly concern Hindu Studies, it also contains smaller but equally good collections on the other religions that have shaped the religious landscape of South Asia: Buddhism and Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Sikhism, and Christianity.

The library contains many rare volumes Prof. Roodbergen collected while working at the Deccan College in Pune.This collection is currently being catalogued, and integrated into the existing OCHS collection.