New book series on Hinduism with Mandala Publishing

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Mandala Publishing Series is a collaborative publishing initiative between the OCHS’s Continuing Education Department and the trade publisher Mandala Publishing, an imprint of Insight Editions.

Initially launched in 2019, the series has been undergoing a major revamp, overseen by its new general editor, Dr Lucian Wong and editorial board, on which Prof. John Brockington, Dr Avni Chag, Dr James Madaio, and Dr Valters Negribs currently sit. There is now a robust editorial system in place for the series, which is working in close conjunction with the CED’s Curriculum Development Board.

The objective of the series is to offer authoritative yet accessible introductions to a wide range of subjects in Hindu Studies. Each book in the series aims to present its subject matter in a form that is engaging and readily comprehensible to persons of all backgrounds—academic or otherwise—without compromising scholarly rigour. The series thereby bridges the divide between academic and popular writing by preserving and utilising the best elements of both. Distributed by Simon & Schuster, the series fills a glaring gap in the Hindu Studies book market, bringing cutting edge scholarship to a new, more general readership.

This year five books are due for publication:

  • Women in the Hindu World by Mandakranta Bose
  • The Hindu Temple and Its Sacred Landscape by Himanshu Prabha Ray
  •  The Bhāgavad-Gītā: A New Translation and Study Guide by Nicholas Sutton
  •  Colonial Hinduism: An Introduction by Amiya P. Sen
  • Light on the Mahābhārata: A Guide to India’s Great Epic by Nicholas Sutton

Other upcoming titles:

  • Tantric Knowledge by Gavin Flood
  • Yoga, Hinduism, and Ecology by Christopher Key Chapple
  • Vaiṣṇavism: History, Teachings, and Practices by Måns Broo
  • Exploring the Yoga Sūtras by Nicholas Sutton
  • Beginning Sanskrit by Dermot Killingley (a new, single volume edition)