OCHS Kathmandu

Since 2018 the OCHS have had an office in Kathmandu. The office serves as a vibrant place for facilitating ground research into Śākta traditions in Nepal and a number of activities such as manuscript preservation and study, fieldwork, tutorial courses for exchange students and audio visual documentary research. Our Manager Gitte Poulsen is overseeing the day to day operations of the office in Kathmandu and continuing to develop relations and collaborations in Nepal together with the Kathmandu Office Honorary Leader Dr Rajan Khatiwoda (Heidelberg) and Research Programme Director and Manager Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen (Oxford).

Our Kathmandu office is located directly at Kathmandu Durbar Square next to the old Nepal Sanskrit University and facing the Royal Palace. The office spaces are available for researchers and students related to the Śākta Traditions research programme.

If you wish to find out more about the OCHS Kathmandu Office and the research done at the office go explore the Śākta Traditions website.

OBS! Due to the Covid-19 virus our Kathmandu office is currently closed to visitors. 

OCHS Instructors and Tutors

Guy St Amant
Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen
Gitte Poulsen

Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) tutors

Prof. Kashinath Nyaupane
Dr Premraj Nyaupane