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British Hinduism Oral History Project

Project launch 2001 | Project overview | Research officers | Final report | Interviews

A research project conceived and developed by the OCHS to record the experiences of Hindus who have settled in Britain.

The project ran from 2000–4 and involved conducting and recording interviews with Hindus who migrated to Britain.

The BHOHP received Heritage Lottery funding and the results of this ground-breaking work is being made accessible to scholars and researchers.

BHOHP team members

Administration team

  • Dr Gillian Evison, Indian Institute Library, Oxford
  • Prof. Kim Knott , Leeds University
  • Shaunaka Rishi Das, OCHS
  • Hari Vaudrey, OCHS

Academic Advisory Committee

  • Dr Nick Allen, Antropology, Oxford
  • Dr Rohit Bharot, University of Bristol
  • Prof. Kim Knott, Academic Facilitator
  • Peggy Morgan, Theology, Oxford
  • Dr Eleanor Nesbitt, Institute of Education, University of Warwick
  • Prof. Mallory Nye, University of Abertay Dundee
  • Prof. Ceri Peach, Geography, Oxford

Research officers

  • Arya Burt (2004)
  • Draupadi Stewart (2003–4)
  • Shalini Sharma (2000–3)

Exhibition Co-ordinator

  • Surya Davies


  • Rasik Varsani

Download exhibition panels (pdf 600kb)