The Tagore Centre UK Bursary

Established in 1985, The Tagore Centre UK, a Cultural-Academic Institution, exists to promote and disseminate the prodigious creativity of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), a myriad-minded literary colossus, an icon of Twentieth Century thinking and values, and the first non-Western recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Centre is open to all regardless of language, religion and ethnicity and is dedicated to Tagore’s philosophy of universal humanity and harmony between all cultures. The Centre houses one of the largest collections of books and archival materials on Tagore and non-Tagore literature outside India.

Achievements of The Tagore Centre UK include a good number of Sunday lectures and year-round cultural events. In addition, the Centre has held international seminars, attended, and addressed by distinguished global Tagore scholars, one of which was the annual Tagore-Yeats Memorial lectures. The Tagore Centre UK has also organised several exhibitions within the UK and overseas in countries like the USA, India and Bangladesh featuring “Tagore and the British Press” and “The Wayfaring Poet”. Several translations of Tagore’s works were published in English by some of the Centre’s own academics. The cultural activities constituted some of Tagore Centre’s landmark achievements when notable celebrities regaled the audience with their performing arts.

In July 2011, Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary celebration culminated with the installation of a bronze Tagore bust at Gordon Square in Central London which was unveiled by HRH The Prince of Wales. Owing to the refurbishment of Alexandra Park Library in 2022 the premise of the Tagore Centre for thirty-five years had to close for good. However, in 2022 Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies has given the Centre a valuable space to operate. This is the new home of the Tagore Centre UK – a beginning of a new dawn.

The Bursary

The Tagore Centre UK bursary was established as an endowment in 2022 to celebrate the work of Rabindranath Tagore and to nurture the field by supporting students.

Donations towards the bursary are welcome and can be made online via the donate button below. Please select “Tagore Centre UK Bursary” when asked “Where can we designate your gift?” in the donation form. 

Bursary award: £150

Students who received the bursary

2023: Natasha Chawla