Virtual Conference:
The Intersection of Hinduism and Contemporary Society

Call for Abstracts

June 2-3 2022

Hindus, their communities, and their traditions face a wide variety of sociological challenges in assimilating into or avoiding modern secular societies. An underpinning of these tensions is that Hindus live and work in the world while simultaneously maintaining a separation from it. Sociological issues that they may encounter include those of identity, value, affiliation, and ethnicity. This conference aims to provide an opportunity for scholars to dialogue and share research related to the experiences of contemporary Hindu communities and adherents as they navigate life within, without, and on the fringes of their religious institutions and host communities.

Scholars are invited to present a 300-500 word abstract of theory or research that helps illuminate trends and tensions affecting the societal lives of present and former adherents, as well as the living Hindu traditions themselves. The conference aims to facilitate scholarly research on social issues among Hindus, discourse and productive interaction with and between all types of Hindu tradition and practitioner, and the development of studies and proposals. Key themes that this conference addresses include social cohesion, social integration, and social identity. Some examples of the kinds of issues explored are: the roles and problems of Hindu run schools; challenges in the reintegration of former resident nuns and monks into wider society; religious fundamentalism; the concerns of youth; and Hindu perceptions and responses to racism, sexism, social inequality, climate change, consumerism, and other current social conflicts.

Submission Details

  • Submit your 300-500 word abstract via email
  • The file should be either a PDF or Word document
  • The file name should match this format: “SubmitterLastName_Title of Abstract”
  • Include the submitter’s name somewhere inside the abstract document
  • For co-authored works: Only one author per authorship team should complete the submission process
  • Notification of acceptance and assignment into a session will take place on or before April 25th 2022. At that time, all members of the authorship team will be invited to register for the conference.

Important Dates

Open: February 15th 2022
April 7th 2022
Notifications: April 25th 2022

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