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Peggy Morgan


Peggy Morgan is currently Honorary President of the British Association for the Study of Religions and Lecturer in World Religions at Mansfield College, Oxford, Where she convenes a fortnightly interdisciplinary seminar series in the study of religions. She has degrees in both theology and religious studies and has been involved not only in education in a variety of arenas, including schools, continuing education and distance learning degrees, but also in interfaith dialogue at various local, national and international levels. She is a former chair of the Shap Working Party on World Religions in Education and of The Trustees of the International Interfaith centre, of which she is now a patron. Between September 1996 and May 2002 she was also Director of The Religious Experience Research Centre and her publications include: (with C. Lawton) Ethical Issues in Six Religious Traditions; (with M. Braybrooke) Testing the Global Ethic; and (with W.O. Cole) Six Religions in the Twenty-First Century.