Professor Himanshu Prabha Ray

Honorary Professor, Distant Worlds, Munich Graduate School of Ancient Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
Member, Board of Governors, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Oxford


Himanshu Prabha Ray is former Chairperson of the National Monuments Authority, Ministry of Culture, and former Professor, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. As a recipient of the Anneliese Maier research award of the Humboldt Foundation in 2013, she is affiliated to Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich. She is also editor of Archaeology and Religion in South Asia in the Routledge Series.

Prof. Ray is Series Editor on the Archaeology and Religion in South Asia book series:  

Selected Publications

Her recent publications include:

  • ‘Anchoring maritime crossings. Coastal heritage of the Bay of Bengal’, International Institute of Asian Studies Newsletter, 2020;
  • ‘Nagapattinam Bronzes in Context’, CSMVS Research Journal, 2019;
  • Archaeology and Buddhism in South Asia, Routledge, 2019;
  • ‘Early Historic Gujarat and the Trading World of the Western Indian Ocean’, in E. Alpers and C. Goswami eds., Transregional Trade and Traders: Situating Gujarat in the Indian Ocean From Early Times to 1900, Oxford University Press, 2019;
  • ‘Warp and Weft: Producing, Trading and Consuming Indian Textiles Across the Seas (First- Thirteenth Centuries CE’, in P. Machado & S. Fee eds., Textile Trades, Consumer Cultures, and the Material Worlds of the Indian Ocean: An Ocean of Cloth, Palgrave Macmillian, 2018;
  • Beyond Trade: Cultural Roots of India’s Ocean, Aryan Books International, 2015;
  • The Sea, Identity and History: From the Bay of Bengal to the South China Sea, Satish Chandra & Himanshu Prabha Ray eds, Manohar Publishers, 2013;
  • The Archaeology of Seafaring in Ancient South Asia, Cambridge University Press, 2003.

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