Increase OCHS revenue
through investing in new course creation

One new course costs £7,000 to create 
In 5 years this can return £70,000 or more in fees

“As a child I learnt about culture from Hollywood and religion from Bollywood. Hinduism didn’t have much to do with my life. OCHS online courses answered my questions and inspired me to ask deeper and more practical questions. They helped me understand how Hindu culture is relevant.”

Bhavisha Tailor, UK

Key numbers


Cost of producing one course


Five year course income

10 years

Minimum projected course life


Margin per enrolment


Numbers of courses in 2016


Numbers of courses today


Income 2020-21 financial year

Courses to develop



The Course Development Board commission and mentor A course developer, usually a leader in their field, – composed of OCHS academics. 


Course notes approximately 100-200 pages are written and peer-reviewed in our Hindu Studies series of books.  


Video lectures of approximately 5 hours are produced. 


The course is put online and the course developer is invited to tutor courses. 

Enrolments from 2008 to 2020

OCHS Continuing Education:


transforms young scholars into teachers who make difficult ideas accessible, brings Oxford standards to a global audience,


contributes to OCHS finances, helping to make all the other work of the OCHS possible – this then further feeds the CED.

The best driver of revenue has been the production of new courses to satisfy our returning students.

“The OCHS is a very exciting development for the future of Indian culture. It is helping the world reflect on Indian identity and perspectives. Any successful initiative is a team effort, so we should all get behind this centre giving it every support we can.”

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan visited Oxford

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