Journal of Hindu Studies

OCHS and Oxford University Press

In partnership with Oxford University Press we are publishing the Journal of Hindu Studies – a bi-annual academic journal taking a critical approach to Hindu Studies. The Journal creates a forum for constructive interdisciplinary discourse by linking scholars in an exploration of key questions and issues.

The OCHS seeks partnerships with academic publishers with an aim to produce scholarly writing on Hinduism, particularly by OCHS students and faculty.

Critical Connections in Hindu culture

The Journal of Hindu Studies is committed to a critical approach to Hindu Studies, focusing on annual themes that address overarching issues within the field. The journal aims to create a forum for constructive interdisciplinary discourse by linking the wider community of scholars in an exploration of key questions and meta-issues, through the lens of their own research.

The Journal of Hindu Studies publishes two issues a year, one guest-edited and one open for submissions, both on the same broad annual theme. These themes focus on theoretical meta-issues that are relevant to all fields within Hindu Studies, thus linking scholars in interdisciplinary dialogue. The themes are aimed at integrating articles from diverse disciplines and will include topics such as: ‘Hermeneutics and Interpretation’, ‘Aesthetics and the Arts’, ‘Text and Textuality’, ‘Reason and Rationality’, ‘Religious Discourse’, ‘Modernity’, ‘Archaeology and Artefact’, ‘Diaspora’, and ‘Cultural Geography’.

Through this unique approach the journal serves the needs of Hindu Studies as a vibrant and emerging discipline. Contributions aim to make concrete advances in the current debates and reflect the contemporary focus on methodology, comparativism, and the constructive resolution of critical issues in the field.


The Journal of Hindu Studies will be of interest to libraries in universities teaching and researching any area related to Hindu culture, including Indian history, language, religion, the arts, archaeology, society, literature, and philosophy. Readers will be drawn from a cross-disciplinary range of students and scholars, engaged in the study of all periods, geographical regions, and languages relating to Hindu culture.


Managing Editor: Jessica Frazier, University of Oxford / Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
Associate Editor / Book Reviews: Rembert Lutjeharms, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
Associate Editor: James Madaio, Czech Academy of Sciences 
Consulting Editor: Gavin Flood, University of Oxford / Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Call for Submissions

The Journal of Hindu Studies welcomes submission of articles and reviews from all disciplines in the study of Hindu culture, particularly those responding to the annual themes. All submissions will receive double-blind peer-review.


The Journal of Hindu Studies welcomes an international range of contributors working on all periods and geographical regions, and coming from all relevant disciplines, including History, Philology, Literature and the Arts, Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, Archaeology, and Religious Studies.

We welcome you to submit your papers and proposals for consideration to the editors at:

Guidelines for authors can be found here.

Advisory Board

  • Daud Ali
  • Mandakranta Bose
  • John Brockington
  • Gudrun Buhnermann
  • Francis X. Clooney
  • Jonardon Ganeri
  • John Stratton Hawley
  • Will Johnson
  • Richard King
  • Shashiprabha Kumar
  • Julius Lipner
  • Angelika Malinar
  • Vasudha Narayanan
  • Patrick Olivelle
  • Laurie Patton
  • Arvind Sharma
  • Ted Proferes
  • Himanshu Prabha Ray
  • S. Rukmani
  • Somdev Vasudev
  • David Washbrook
  • Richard Freeman