£15,450 to award to students this year!

We are now accepting applications for our bursaries and scholarships and all our Oxford University students and Visiting students are invited to apply. The deadline is 22 April 2024, before 12 pm.

You should apply by sending a short letter of application to Hari at secretary@ochs.org.uk explaining what you are studying, the reasons for your application, how much you are applying for and include a budget to show us how you plan to use the bursary or scholarship. 

List of bursaries and scholarships: 
Swami Haridas Giri Scholarship: £6,000
The Spalding Memorial Educational Trust: £2,700
The Parvathi Foundation: £1,500
Jiva Goswami Scholarship: £1,050
Tristan Elby: £1,000
Amit Mishra Scholarship: £700
Aku’s Bursary: £500
Professor Charu Chandra Dasgupta Memorial Bursary: £500
Narasimhacharya Bursary: £500
Hansraj and Kanchanben Popat Bursary: £500
The Tagore Centre UK Bursary: £150
Ramalah Alagappan Bursary: £100
Gopal and Elizabeth Krishna Bursary: £100
Wernicke Olesen’s Bursary for Pali and Sanskrit Studies: £100
Professor Makhanlal Roy Chaudhury Book Prize: £50

A warm thank you to all our generous donors who are supporting the next generations of Hindu Studies scholars.